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The Falcon Career Center connects and supports the career pathways of all students and alumni by providing job listings, career workshops and events, major assessment, employer networking opportunities, scholarships, internships and that result in the establishment or advancement of personalized career goals. The career center integrates the workforce into your education and brings business and industry into the classroom.

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Resume Development, Interviewing Techniques, Business Communication, Reputation Management, LinkedIn Profile Management, Industry Certification that pays, Apprenticeship Opportunities, ....AND MUCH MORE!
of employers seek employees who can communicate effectively
of employers seek employees with initiative
of employers seek employees with leadership skills

Looking for a Job?

If you’re looking for a job, on campus or off, you’ve come to the right place!

Jobspeaker is an app that helps you in every phase of your job search. Through their website or a mobile app, you can search for local jobs, save jobs you find, and apply for jobs with the click of a button. Jobspeaker includes cool features including the ability to create, save and download your resume, the ability to save jobs you might be interested in applying for later, and filters to narrow down your search results until you find the job that’s perfect for you. You can also upload all of your resumes and cover letters so that they’re stored in one easy to access place! All of your content is available through the cloud, so you can access your job documents from anywhere.

Jobspeaker also offers you the ability to create a calendar to track important job related events: upcoming interviews, job fairs and more. And it’s mobile, so you can search for jobs on the road, after class or from anywhere else.

Jobspeaker pulls from many different websites, including Indeed and Monster, and also features jobs posted directly by employers who want to hire West Hills students! So why go to another job search site? Sign up for Jobspeaker today! It’s free to you as a West Hills student!
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