West Hills Spotlight

Resource Wednesday
December 14, 2022
Resource Wednesday: Dream Resource Center
December 01, 2022
Are You An Artist? Become an Art Director!
Are you a very visual person? Do you like creating designs or illustrations? A career as an art director could be perfect for you! West Hills College Coalinga’s degree programs will give you the skills necessary to be successful in your future career as an art director.
Resource Wednesday
November 30, 2022
Resource Wednesday: HEP
Resource Wednesday
November 16, 2022
Resource Wednesday: TRiO Student Support Services
October 20, 2022
What do Agricultural Engineers do?
Want to help improve the agriculture industry? A career as an Agriculture Engineer could be the perfect career for you! At West Hills College, our degrees will give you the knowledge necessary to continue your education and start your career as an agricultural engineer.
Resource Wednesday
October 19, 2022
Resource Wednesday: MESA
Resource Wednesday
October 05, 2022
Resource Wednesday: EOPS/CARE
Resource Wednesday
September 21, 2022
Resource Wednesday: CAMP
September 15, 2022
Interested in Advertising? Become an Advertising or Marketing Specialist!
Do you create digital designs? Were you good at persuading parents to buy your fundraising items for your elementary school growing up? Marketing and advertising might be the best fit for you! West Hills College degrees and certificates will help you prepare for your career in Marketing.
Mental Health
September 08, 2022
Managing Mental Health as a College Student: 6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity This Semester
Resource Wednesday
September 07, 2022
Resource Wednesday: CalWORKS
September 03, 2022
National Suicide Prevention Month