Congratulations Class of 2021!

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* Please note that your student username and password are required to submit RSVP.
** Order by April 20th to ensure delivery. Items shipped will match West Hills College Coalinga school colors.

When is graduation?
Friday, May 28, 2021.  Current ceremony times are 10am, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. 

Where is graduation?
The ceremony will be held on the Coalinga campus in a grassy clearing past our gymnasium. There are trees, and canopies will be placed over the seating area to provide shade. Please see the map below for the specific location of the event, parking, and check-in

What time do I need to arrive for graduation?
Graduates and guests should arrive 30 minutes prior to their graduation time in order to check in.

  • Will the event be COVID safe?
    We are following all county, state, and federal COVID guidelines.
  • Masks will be required for all attendees.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Graduates and guests must complete a COVID health questionnaire prior to your commencement time on May 28: 
  • COVID Health Questionnaire English

Where can I purchase my sash?
You can purchase a graduation sash from the Admissions and Records Office at Coalinga Campus or at the North District Center during regular business hours. 

Where can I purchase my cap, gown, and tassel?
You can purchase these items at the Order Regalia link above. 

Are my family and friends welcome?
Graduates may bring up to 2 guests. Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot accommodate additional guests.
A livestream of the graduation ceremony will be available on this page for family and friends unable to attend in person.

  • The livestream will be broadcast via our Facebook page, so Facebook page followers will also receive a notification when we go live. Our Facebook account is: West Hills College Coalinga
  • Where should graduates and guests park?
  • Parking lot #4 - the U shaped parking lot off of Elm Street, in front of the WHCC gym, is the designated parking lot. If you park elsewhere, you will need to go to this area to check in before you can be seated for commencement. If you aren’t sure where the lot is, we will have signs up on the day of graduation. It is also marked on the map below with orange arrows showing the direction for entrance and exit.
  • Where and how do graduates and guests check in?
  • The check in is marked on the map below with an orange check mark. It is directly above parking lot 4. We will have signs and volunteers to help you get to it from the parking lot.
  • To check-in, go to the designated check-in location. Give the volunteer your name and wait for them to verify your name, and your guests if they arrived with you.
  • You will be given a wrist band for the specific ceremony you are attending.

    • What to do if a guest arrives separately?
    • You do not need a print out or e-ticket for commencement. We will have a check-in desk (see map) for graduates and guests. If guests and graduate cannot arrive together, we will still be able to check your guests in as long as your RSVP guest list reflects their name.
    • How will we be seated?
    • Graduates are seated as they arrive. Guests will be seated with graduates in their groups of 3: 1 graduate and 2 guests.
    • How long should the ceremony last?
    • The ceremony will last approximately an hour.

    • What happes at the commencement ceremony?
    • Graduates will be given a card to write their name on as they arrive, along with honor cords if those were earned.
    • Graduates and guests will follow the marked graduation path to the ceremony area. There will be photo opportunities while you wait in line to be seated.
    • Ushers will seat graduates with their 2 guests as they arrive.
    • Live and pre-recorded speeches congratulating the graduates will be given.
    • Honors and other awards are recognized.
    • You will go to the front when your name is called and receive your diploma cover and degree conferral. Then return to your seat.
    • When all graduates have received their diploma cover and have returned to their seats, their will be closing remarks and then graduates and guests will be dismissed in an orderly fashion.

    • Will we be able to take pictures?

Yes, photo opportunities will be available, and professional pictures will also be taken with purchase details provided at the ceremony.

    • What to do when it's time to exit the event?
  • Graduates and their guests will be dismissed by group and row. Please be sure to exit in a slow and orderly fashion, following the instructions of our ushers. Keep COVID safe social distancing between groups. To maintain COVID safety practices, please depart when excused and take your celebration off site.  We do not have permission for loitering or social gathering.

Can I buy or use guest spaces other graduates are not using?

No, due to COVID restrictions each family pod will be seated together. We aren’t able to accommodate additional guests even if another graduate does not use all their guest seating.

Changing your time slot or invited guests:

  • If you need to change your guest list between now and May 27, please contact You are not able to make changes after 4pm on May 27
  • Graduation Map



Can I participate in commencement without regalia?

    • No, the cap and gown are required to take part in commencement. If you aren’t able to get regalia, please contact for assistance.
    • The stole is not required but can be worn with the regalia.
  • Can I decorate my grad cap?
    • Yes! We encourage tasteful decoration.
  • What should I wear?
    • Commencement is May 28th, which is expected to be more than 90F (very warm) and the event will be held on a grass and dirt surface. Be sure to wear safe shoes and cool clothing.
  • How to update/change my guest list?
    • If you need to change your guest list between now and May 27th, please contact You are not able to make changes after 4pm on May 27th
  • Can I bring more guests?
    • No, we are not able to accommodate more than 2 guests per graduate.
  • Will there be food and drink provided?
    • Water will be provided on request.
  • Will I get my diploma/certificate at the ceremony?
    • No, you will receive a diploma cover. Your diploma/certificate will be mailed in 8 weeks.
  • Can I bring an umbrella, lawn chair, cooler, or other item?
    • No, please restrict your belongings to items that you wear and a purse or backpack. There is not space to store additional items in the seating area and shade items like umbrellas will block the view of other graduates and guests.
  • Are masks required?
    • Yes, masks must be worn throughout the ceremony for the graduate and guests.
  • What happens if I didn’t complete my degree?
    • Even if you did not complete your program in the 2021 Spring term, you can still participate in commencement. You will be able to celebrate graduation, but you won’t receive the diploma until your program requirements are complete.
Please note that COVID safety measures will be followed. Masks are required on campus at this event as well as social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided.