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West Hills College Coalinga Financial Aid Orientation

On Wednesday February 20th, WHCC’s TRiO held a lunch time Financial Aid Orientation. Financial Aid Tech, Pat Price, was kind enough to present the orientation and answer any questions students may have had.

While enjoying a free pizza meal, students were lectured on many different FAFSA related topics. Some being student loans v. grants, work-study, disbursement schedule, and how to keep your financial aid v. how to lose it.

Some quick insight on what you may have missed:

  • Student loans require that a student pay the money back; grants are free money - no paying back necessary.
  • Work study is available for those who qualify for financial aid, it is a program that helps students find work - apply today at the financial aid office.
  • The disbursement schedule is found on the West Hills College website under Financial Aid.
  • Keeping your FAFSA and grants is super easy, just keep a 2.0 GPA or higher and complete at least 70% of your courses.


A lot of very important facts were shared with those who participated and many had questions to ask. Mrs. Price was very helpful and clear about all of the information she shared, some things she mentioned were new to some students. It was great that they were able to attend and get help with something so essential.


WHCC Financial Aid Orienation: Student Perspective