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WHCC DSPS Celebrates Disability Awareness Month

WHCC DSPS welcomed Nina G, the stuttering comedian, to celebrate Disability Awareness Month.

Living with a disability is different and it could be argued that most do not understand just how students that have a disability in their lives are affected.  

West Hills College Coalinga celebrated Disability Awareness Month on April 5 and West Hills went all out to raise awareness. WHCC hosted a very amazing special guest, Nina G, a stuttering comedian from San Francisco and one out of a few PHD stuttering psychologists. She was informative on just how stuttering is a disability and how it has affected her life but also helped her life. Through many great jokes, she made learning about stuttering entertaining and very enjoyable. She is an example that living with a disability does affect your life but it does not rule over it. Through her success she gives students the motivation and inspiration to go on in their educational careers! Thank you, Nina G!

WHCC DSPS Disability Awareness Day: Student Perspective


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