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WHCC Black History Month

On Thursday February 28th, WHCC held a Black History Month Event. The event was put together by a group of individuals, some staff members like Dr. Henry and Mrs. Glaspie were the main directors of the event.

The night began with a delicious Gumbo dinner and ice cream desert in the WHCC dining hall. Students, staff, and other members of the Coalinga community gathered to enjoy the free meal.

Shortly after everyone was stuffed full, the event continued on into the theatre where a speech by Demean Douglas, former NFL wide-receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, was given along with a discussion panel and an open mic took place.

Demean Douglas shared memories about growing up and moving away; he ended on the note that coming back home isn’t a bad thing, that it’s actually a great thing.

The discussion panel was led by Dr. Henry, WHCC science instructor. Demean Douglas, Joyce Glaspie Psych Tech instructor, Adrian Jenkins Academic Advising Specialist, James Grant Speech Instructor, and lastly the President of WHCC Brenda Thames. The crowd was able to ask any of the participants a question and receive an answer.

To end off the night, they held an Open Mic for anyone who may want to read a poem, dance, or even sing. There were so many performers who stepped up to the plate and it made the winning decisions difficult. For first place we had KC Jr. who performed a very interesting dance number that wowed the crowd. Second place was a tie between two singers Shadae and Terrance. Third place, the adorable dancing girls.

If you missed the Black History Month Event this year, don’t worry. They are working on making it an annual event, so stay in the know on campus. 


WHCC Black History Month Celebration: Student Perspective