College Life

North District Center Disability Awareness Day

Hey West Hills! On Monday April 29th our North District Campus held an event from 10-1 pm in honor of Disability Awareness Month, and here’s what happened!

Our event was separated into two parts, beginning with booths set up by various programs offering both knowledge and resources on all things related to disabilities.

West Hills is aware that disabilities can come in numerous forms therefore a broad amount of information was offered on some of the ones that can be most difficult for students in particular, such as behavioral and learning disabilities.

Some of the programs represented were the Department of Rehabilitation, DHHSC, and the Fresno Public Library.

After this, students gathered for free pizza while listening to our guest speaker, Dr. William Daily, who is legally blind yet still managed to become a professor and earn his doctorate degree! He told his story about growing up with a disability and offered words of encouragement to encourage students that anyone can get an education regardless of life’s setbacks!

NDC Disability Awareness Day: Student Perspective