Frequently Asked Questions

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Uniforms are required only for the contextualized classes offered in our program. If they are required any other time we will let you know. We do not, however, provide the uniforms. You will eventually need to purchase a white or black chef's coat, black pants, a black bistro apron, and black non-slip shoes. Chef's toques are available in class for $1.00.
Having your own equipment is not required to take out contextualized classes. However, it is highly recommended to have some of your own equipment.
Yes. Our program participates in various events around the area. Our contextualized classes actually require a certain amount of hours as part of the courses.
Certain text books may be required for certain classes. You will know what text books are required in classes. Any other materials needed for a class will also be mentioned in class.
No, no prior experience is required to participate.
While some products may be provided, certain projects may require you to buy your own ingredients
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