Math and Science

Thinking of studying math to become a teacher, programmer, systems analyst or other related profession? Interested in getting a broad education of science concepts and developing scientific skills. Your first step is at West Hills College Lemoore, where you can earn a Liberal Arts Associate’s Degree with an emphasis in Math and Science or a Mathematics Associate’s Degree for Transfer.

Students studying in the West Hills College Lemoore Mathematics and Science program can study derivatives, calculus, graphing, algebra and mathematical models to solve real-world problems. They can also get a high level view of important scientific concepts and the basics of scientific inquiry.

Our AS-T degree in Mathematics guarantees you admission into the California State University system where you can further your math studies and earn a bachelor’s or higher degree.

Are you ready to jump start your career in Mathematics?  Apply today!


Program Options

The West Hills College Lemoore Math and Science program prepares students for careers in mathematics and science.  Our math and science program has two degree programs to choose from.

Careers You Could Have

You already know you have the seeds of success within you. West Hills can help you grow them into a rewarding career. Are you ready to take the next step?
  • Teacher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Scientific Researcher
  • Accountant
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst

Related Programs

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    AS Degree, AS-T Degree
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    Certificate, Local Certificate
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    AS Degree, AS-T Degree, AA Degree
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    Information Technology
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    AS-T Degree

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