HRCM: Pastry and Baking Arts

HRCM: Pastry and Baking Arts Certificate of Achievement

The Pastry and Baking Arts certified program is designed to introduce the student to practical and theoretical techniques of pastry and bakery arts. Students will learn basic and advanced fundamentals, methods and techniques. The course sequencing in this certified program addresses industry topics which are designed to broaden the students overall understanding, as well as, implement the required hands-on, contextualized laboratory exercises. Upon completion, students will acquire and perform the skills needed to give them the advantage to enter a wide variety of positions in the industry.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • generalize the essential skills required to support the performance of positions within the pasty and bakeshop.
  • investigate and analyze customer service, and legal topics within the industry.
  • review, recognize, and convert any standardized recipe.
  • develop basic principles of nutrition, dietetics, and food and beverage composition.
  • recognize and demonstrate the requirements for proper sanitation in the foodservice industry.


Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
HRCM-001 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
CUL-064 Advanced Bakeshop and Desserts 3
CUL-052 Introduction to Commercial Baking 3
CUL-003 Sanitation and Safety 2
CUL-051 Restaurant Math 1
CUL-001 Principles of Food with Lab 3
HRCM-015X Occupational Work Experience 3
Total 18