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West Hills College Lemoore Disabled Students Program and Services Hosts Open House

West Hills College Lemoore DSPS held an open house for prospective students on April 12

Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) provides special assistance to students with disabilities through individualized help and counseling. West Hills College Lemoore held an open house for those who are transitioning from high school to college in the fall that will be involved with this program. During the open house students were introduced to the counselors that will be helping those who are in DSPS.

After the introductions there was a brief powerpoint presentation called Just Like Me and You. This presentation involved talking about the stories of three different people who have disabilities. One of these men was Shaquem Griffin who at the age of 4 had his hand amputated. He was invited to the NFL draft and is waiting to be drafted by a team. He did not let his disability get in the way of him living out his dream to play professional football. This presentation helped motivate students that there are many people just like them who are successful and shows that they can be successful too.

The next presentation that was given by current DSPS student Michael Dey and past student Rae Figaroa. Their presentation was about the transition from high school to college. The presentation they gave had a lot of comparing the differences of college and high school. They also talked about how students that are DSPS have priority to register but it is not always guaranteed. Students have to meet certain requirements to be able to get this priority. Priorities such as complete orientation, placement tests, etcetera. Throughout the presentation they gave some tips that the perspective students will remember. The tips they gave included:

  • Check your email daily
  • Use a tape recorder for class and sit in the front
  • Show up early and get to know your teachers
  • Take a study skills class such as
    • GS 61 Content Area Support
    • GS 102 Guidance Studies Math
    • GS 103 Guidance Studies Reading and Writing
  • Use campus resources
    • Tutors
    • ACE Lab located in the Library
    • DSPS Office located in room 270
  • Make sure to have enough time for homework
  • Get involved on campus

In the end the perspective students learned about the resources on campus and tips from students who are where they will be in just a few short months.

DSPS Open House: Student Perspective

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