Public Safety

What's It Like to Be A Security Guard?

Do you have a strong desire for keeping the public safe? Then a career as a security guard might be the perfect career for you! At West Hills College, you will be given the skills necessary with the degree program you undertake to become a successful security guard.

What do Security Guards do?

The main objective of being a security guard is to patrol the area that is assigned to you and prevent any theft or violence. In detail, while patrolling, you may find yourself stopping a fire, preventing people from illegally entering the property, and stopping vandals and shoplifters. These detailed tasks may vary depending on the industry you work for and the area. There are some security guards who carry weapons for self-defense which will prompt you to learn how to safely use that weapon.

West Hills' programs will help you learn these various skills and how to deal with these situations. 

What would I earn as a Security Guard?

In 2018, the average annual income of a security guard in California was $28,503. This amount can change depending on the industry you work for and the location of that industry.

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