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Thinking Of Becoming a Psychiatric Technician?

Do you enjoy helping others? Would you like to have the opportunity of personally working with a patient and getting to know their unique situation? If so, consider a career as a psychiatric technician. West Hills College Coalinga's accelerated, in-depth degree and certificate programs will give you a deep understanding of your future career as a psychiatric technician!

What does a Psychiatric Technician do?

The main purpose of a psychiatric technician is to help their patients develop social skills so that they can participate in their community. Psychiatric technicians achieve this goal by providing personalized care, using a variety of medical tools, and using computer programs. Those who undertake this career must have a strong character and the ability to keep calm in stressful situations. A psychiatric technician must know the basics of nursing care for emergency purposes or for the daily treatment of their patients. Because of the one-on-one interactions between a psychiatric technician and a patient, it is easy to gain knowledge of them, thus making their treatment more successful.

West Hills College Coalinga's degree and certificate programs will prepare you for your future career with the hands-on training you will need to be a successful psychiatric technician. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to take care of your patients and you will also gain a network of passionate people within the degree and certificate programs that may work alongside you in your future career as a psychiatric technician.

What would I earn as a Psychiatric Technician?

In California in 2016, the average annual wage in 2016 for a Psychiatric Technician was $59,865.

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