What does a Pest Control Adviser do?

Interested in the farming industry? Want to improve the health of plants and learn how to get rid of insects that could kill them? Pest Control Adviser will be the best fit for you! By taking the required 43 credits at West Hills College Coalinga, you will be on your way to becoming a California Certified Pest Control Adviser.

What does a Pest Control Adviser do?

Pest Control Advising is one of the fastest growing industries in California and one of the most incredible careers to pursue. As a Pest Control Adviser, you will specialize in the management of pests and have a vast knowledge of important resources that will greatly help a plant’s health. Pest Control Advisers provide written recommendations on agriculture use and guidance when it comes to pest eradication and prevention. A Pest Control Adviser helps maintain the vegetation within a farm, and ultimately helps provide food to the entire world.

By taking courses provided at West Hills College Coalinga, which integrate hands-on experience and the latest technology, you will be well on your way to being eligible to take the California State test to become a licensed Pest Control Adviser and to earn your Integrated Pest Management Certificate of Achievement. West Hills College will make you well prepared for the test and more confident with your abilities as you take to the fields.

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What would I earn as a Pest Control Adviser?

In 2018 in California, the average annual salary was $44,652.

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