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Interested in a Career as a Paramedic?

Do you enjoy taking care of people? Does the idea of saving lives appeal to you? Become an Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedic! West Hills College Lemoore offers both an Associate Degree of Science and a Certificate of Achievement for those interested in becoming a Paramedic.

What do Paramedics Do?

EMT/Paramedics are front line responders. As a Paramedic, your quick thinking would often save lives. Paramedics respond to emergency situations ranging from heart attacks to gunshot wounds and administer emergency medical attention. They care for injured patients and transport them to hospitals/medical facilities. You could expect to examine patients for injuries, administer immediately necessary medical aid and transport patients. Paramedics most often work in teams. The position also leaves room for growth, as you can acquire more training as you work.

Being a paramedic is a strenuous but rewarding job as you can expect to work in all types of weather and do quite a bit of heavy lifting and manual labor as well as working irregular hours. If you enjoy helping others and like the idea of a rewarding career, this may be the job for you.

West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs prepare students to sit for certification by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. It features hands-on components in addition to classroom learning.

What Would I Earn as a Paramedic?

The average wage for a Paramedic in California in 2018 was $31,622, but will depend on your experience and training as well as whether you work for a private or public ambulance service.

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