Considering Becoming an Agricultural Inspector?

Do you want to improve the quality of agricultural production? Want to ensure that the products that are sent to grocery stores are safe for human consumption? Agricultural inspector will be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will give you the knowledge necessary to keep others safe and be successful in your future career as an agricultural inspector.

What do Agricultural Inspectors do?

Agricultural inspectors examine agricultural products and technology to make sure that it complies with laws that have to do with health, safety, and quality. From growth to shipment- an agricultural inspector makes sure that each step in this process adheres to laws and the environment is safe and clean for those working there and for plants and other commodities. As an agricultural inspector, you will find yourself inspecting the products to make sure that they’re healthy and monitor meat processing plants to make sure their operations are sanitary. Not only will you make sure the products are clean, you will also make sure that the employees are clean and that they abide by the law.

By taking one of West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs, you will be able to ensure the sanitary and safety conditions of everyone and everything in the establishment you will be working in. West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will prepare you for what to expect in this field which will guarantee success in your future career as an agricultural inspector.

What would I make as an Agricultural Inspector?

In 2017, the average annual wage for a Californian agricultural inspector was $40,806.

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