2004 - 2005 Catalog

Course Descriptions


WT 15X

This program is designed to extend occupational work opportunities through work, paid or  voluntary, in the occupation of the student's major.  Students may earn up to 4 units per semester or a maximum of 16 units of total  credit.  The student must enroll in classes (at least 7 units, including work-experience) and work part-time (up to 20 hours per week).This plan allows the student to attend college full-time one semester and work full-time the next semester.  A student may take 8 units of work experience but may only be enroll in one  other course.  A student must complete 12 units of credit the semester before enrolling in the alternate plan.  This plan is only available for occupational work experience.

WT 30/60

Class Hours:  18 lecture hours or 54 laboratory hours for each semester unit.

All courses numbered 30/60 are designed to permit departments to meet an immediate student or community need, to explore newer methods in teaching a subject, to offer courses which are innovative and to provide curriculum variety and flexibility.  A required course description identifies each course subject. These course may be taken for CR/NC.

WT 40

Class Hours:  1 Lecture, 3 Laboratory Welding Technology 40 consists of practical and theoretical instruction in oxy-acetylene welding, stick electrode welding, torch cutting, brazing, and hard facing. (AA, CSU)

WT 49/99


Class Hours:  54 laboratory for each semester unit.  No more than 2 units per semester per  49/99 series. Welding 49/99 is designed for students who wish to undertake special projects related to a particular field. Students, under instructor guidance and acknowledgement, may pursue individual exploration after completing or while currently enrolled in at least one course in the department of directed study. (AA,CSU)