West Hills College Lemoore Responds Quickly to Possible Security Alert

West Hills College Lemoore locked down its campus today shortly before noon within seconds of hearing police reports of a possible incident on campus. An all clear was issued after each building was swept by police. Responding officers from the Lemoore Police Department reported no shots on campus were fired and are deeming the report a false alarm.

Before noon today, the Lemoore Police dispatch center received a call reporting possible shots fired on the West Hills College Lemoore campus.  This report was made from a caller on a cellular device, who began the call in front of the Lemoore Middle College High School and ended the call close to the Lemoore University Elementary Charter School both located on the West Hills College Lemoore Campus.  

Upon hearing the report from Lemoore PD, WHCL responded quickly by following their regularly practiced emergency response protocol, which consist of locking down their campus and alerting students, staff, and the public of a security alert. All on campus were told to stay inside locked buildings and wait for police to clear the area.

 Multiple agencies responded to the WHCL campus and cleared all buildings determining no shots were fired the report from the initial call to dispatch a false alarm.  WHCL thanks its students and staff for their composed corporation as well as the Lemoore Police Department, Kings County District Attorney investigators, California Highway Patrol Hanford Division, Kings County Sheriff’s Office, Kings County Gang Task Force, and the Hanford Police Department for their assistance and quick response.

West Hills College Lemoore is committed to the relentless pursuit of student success and is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its students and employees. Any threats made are taken seriously and responded to accordingly.  WHCL, WHCL Child Development Center, LMC High School, and LUE Charter School have resumed classes as regularly scheduled.


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