West Hills College Coalinga Graduation is Set for May 24

West Hills College Coalinga will hold its annual graduation ceremony on May 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the WHCC gymnasium.

This semester, approximately 300 students are expected to take part in the ceremony.

“This year we will be graduating one of the largest classes we have had in recent history,” said WHCC President Brenda Thames. “We are very proud of each and every one of our graduates. They reflect the outstanding teaching and learning communities that we have created here at WHCC main campus and at the North District Center as part of our ‘relentless pursuit of student success.’  It has been a privilege to be a part of their unique, individual journeys and we are excited to celebrate this achievement with them and their families.”

Student Allison Schwarz will sing the national anthem.

The ceremony will feature three student speakers.

Angelita Mora will serve as one of the student speakers. While at WHCC, Mora has served as WHCC ASB President, WHCCD Student Trustee Delegate for Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC), a TRIO Program Member, a CAMP Program Member, and as a Learning Center Tutor. 

Yesenia De La Cruz will also serve as a speaker. The North District Center, Firebaugh student was a President’s Scholar, CAMP Program Member, TRIO Program Member, TRIO Club President, TRIO Club Mentor, and an Environmental Club Member.

Gina Avalos will be the third student speaker. As a WHCC student, Avalos has been a TRIO Program Member, CAMP Program Member, and HEP Tutor.

Mr. Jeff Wanderer, WHCC faculty, will present learning area awards.

For questions about the graduation, contact Lorna Davis at (559) 934-2200.

Our graduation is set for this Thursday, May 24, at 6:30 p.m. in the West Hills College Coalinga gymnasium. Can’t make it? We will be livestreaming the graduation online at http://www.westhillscollege.com/coalinga/commencement/

Visit the link above on the 24th and you’ll be able to view the graduation online.

Coalinga Commencement Livestream