Sanitation District of Los Angeles Donates to Support Scholarships at West Hills College Lemoore

The Sanitation District of Los Angeles has made yet another generous donation to West Hills College Lemoore. The donation of $30,000 will go toward engineering scholarships at WHCL.

“These scholarships make a huge difference in a student’s ability to focus on their education,” said Alex Perez, Executive Director of WHCC Foundation. “The Sanitation District of Los Angeles believes in our students and wants them to succeed. This breakfast was an opportunity for our students to thank them in person and hear from someone investing in their future.”

The Sanitation District has given close to $270,000 to the campus since 2012 and have also provided valuable internship opportunities to WHCL students. They regularly hire interns at their Tulare Lake Facility in Kettleman City. They have hired five West Hills interns since 2016. One of the interns even transitioned from intern to full time employee.

Richard Kish, Compost Facility Superintendent, came Friday, January 2 to the annual scholar’s breakfast at WHCL to present the check on behalf of the Sanitation District of Los Angeles.