West Hills College Lemoore Dual Enrollment Students Win Deloitte Virtual Team Challenge

A group of Lemoore Union High School students came out on top in the nationwide Virtual Team Challenge, sponsored by Deloitte. The students, who participated in the project while enrolled in a special dual enrollment class called Introduction to Business offered by West Hills College Lemoore, won first place overall. Intro to Business is a dual-enrollment class where students receive both LHS and College credit for completing the course.

“This is a huge honor in a brand new competition for LHS students,” said Scott Buller, Business and Technology Teacher at LHS and the winning team’s advisor. “As a result of this win, our local United Way chapter will receive a $500 donation and Deloitte will send a representative to our school to recognize our students.”

The students on the winning team— 7-SharkTank—were Michael Ashford, Riley Jacobs, Isaiah Johnston, and Carlos Medina. 

The contest, sponsored by Deloitte—one of the largest accounting firms in the world—tasks teams of four students to compete on a team to make decisions involving business, environment, ethics, and negotiation. 

“Students participated for three weeks in an online game-like simulation where they took the virtual role of Project Managers on a major oil spill,” said Buller. “They were required to use their business knowledge to interview sub-contractors who were best qualified for various jobs.  To succeed, they had to research companies, understand the criteria for success, interview candidates, and negotiate the best price for all the jobs. Based on their decision making, each individual made a profit margin on each transaction throughout the simulation. They were tested in their business knowledge and ethics throughout the simulation.”

As part of the simulation, the students earned a profit margin of $218,680 and the first place spot as a result.

The LHS students are also a part of the WHCL family, enrolled in a dual-enrollment class at West Hills College Lemoore.

A LHS team also finished in fourth place: The fourth place team members were, Josue Alvizo, Evan Berna, Jacob Chieze, and Paige Clarke.

To learn more about the contest and see full results, visit http://virtualteamchallenge.com/2018-Spring-winners