West Hills Community College District Hosting Agriculture and Manufacturing

West Hills Community College District is hosting an Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries Apprenticeship Forum at West Hills College Coalinga on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

The free workshop is for Central Valley employers seeking information on how to partner with community colleges for the purpose of developing, administering, and sustaining innovative apprenticeship training programs in high-skilled, high-growth industries such as manufacturing and agriculture.

Local leaders will learn how competitors across the globe are saving time, money, and grief in filling job vacancies while also achieving steady workforce outcomes having implemented non-traditional apprenticeship training.

 “For decades, our rural communities remain underserved while metropolitan and large urban populations within the region have flourished. Rural economic growth and development must be made a priority,” said Workplace Learning Liaison for West Hills Community College District Corinna Pereira. “Apprenticeship is a proven workforce training model that responds to workforce challenges in economically distressed areas and in non-traditional occupations. A skilled labor force can be homegrown and benefit committed employers in our own backyard, filling a significant number of employment vacancies and providing high-wage jobs to local residents. Progress for rural California is achievable with apprenticeship.”

The forum will provide employers with the tools needed to begin and maintain an apprenticeship program within their organization and will share tips on tapping into existing programs currently in development or already being administered by the region’s community colleges at no cost to the employer.   

The 3-part event will start with an Apprenticeship 101 presentation, providing organizational leaders with formal training in apprenticeship program development. The 2nd hour of the forum will kick off with the unveiling of a new agriculture & industrial manufacturing apprenticeship program, a collaborative project started by Westside Fresno and Kings County local industry professionals and West Hills Community College District. Attendees will be among the first in the region to be introduced to the framework of this game-changing innovation in workforce and economic development in occupations such as Food Safety Technician, Farm Equipment Mechanic, Industrial Maintenance Technician, and more. Finally, the forum will conclude with an interactive session in which attendees will provide constructive feedback for the development of industry standards for on-the-job training and other components of the new multi-employer, college-administered apprenticeship program launching in January 2018.

Human resources personnel, plant and/or farm managers, front-line supervisors, recruiters, and many organizational decision-makers have already registered for this FREE forum and seats are limited. The link to register is: https://tinyurl.com/ApprenticeshipForum.

The workshop will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the West Hills College Coalinga theater at 300 Cherry Lane in Coalinga.