West Hills College Lemoore: Educational Master Plan Executive Summary

West Hills College Lemoore's Educational Master Plan for 2018

WHCL President’s Message

Our Mission to Help Students Drives Initiatives

It is our privilege and honor to serve the residents of the Central Valley. Our mission is to help students realize their personal, academic, and professional goals. Our relentless pursuit of student success drives many of our initiatives such as: Open Educational Resources (OER) providing more affordable options for students in lieu of high-priced textbooks; Accelerated pathways to reduce the time it takes our students to complete a certificate or degree program; evening and weekend college to accommodate the needs of our working student population; enhanced co-curricular programs and services taking shape in our new Golden Eagle Student Union; career and technical degrees and certificates that lead to employment; and Associate for Transfer Degrees that guarantee acceptance to the California State University system. Our faculty and staff are ready to serve you, and we look forward to seeing you on campus or online.

Kristin Clark, Ed.D.

President, West Hills College Lemoore

Educational Master Plan Summary

West Hills College Lemoore’s Educational Master Plan (EMP) reflects a relentless pursuit of student success and focuses on meeting the ever-changing needs of the 21st Century student.  The plan’s overarching goal is to create an educational ecosystem that supports the College’s “North Star”—student learning and achievement.  The plan emphasizes the College’s goals for 2018-2022, which align with both the West Hills Community College District (WHCCD) Strategic Plan goals and the California Community College (CCC) Vision for Success goals.  West Hills College Lemoore’s EMP includes plans that:  

  • EXPAND INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS, including career and technical education that aligns with the economic development needs of the Central Valley and prepares students for earning family sustaining wages. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goals 3 & 5; CCC Vision for Success)
  • ENHANCE SUPPORT SERVICES using the Guided Pathways framework to implement a student-centered approach to counseling and advising that addresses students’ needs for physical and mental health services, transportation, childcare, food insecurities, re-entry to college, and other financial assistance. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goals 1 & 3; CCC Vision for Success: Goals 1, 2 & 3)
  • ADAPT TEACHING AND LEARNING that meets the needs of the 21st Century student including the use of Open Educational Resources, hybrid delivery, flipped classrooms, competency-based learning and credit, acceleration, service learning, civic engagement, and cross-discipline curriculum. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goals 1 & 3; CCC Vision for Success: Goals 1, 2 & 3)
  • INCREASE, UPDATE AND ORGANIZE FACILITIES to support additional education opportunities with the construction of adaptable facilities that support innovative teaching, learning, co-curricular support, and improve campus safety and way finding. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goal 2)
  • ENSURE SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES through external partnerships, comprehensive enrollment management, sound budget practices, scheduled maintenance, new technologies, hiring practices, and professional development. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goals 2 & 4)
  • PROMOTE STUDENT EQUITY to reduce achievement gaps for historically underserved populations and create an inclusive environment. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goal 3; CCC Vision for Success: Goal 5)
  • INTEGRATE STRATEGIC PLANNING to simplify and streamline decision-making. (WHCCD Strategic Plan: Goals 2 & 4)

The EMP contains specific plan objectives that align with the
WHCCD Strategic Plan’s key performance indicators. Objectives are categorized under Athletics and Kinesiology, Arts and Letters, Career and Technical Education, Health Careers, Math and Science, Social Sciences, Student Services, Infrastructure and Safety, and Technology with overarching objectives as follows:

• Implement Guided Pathways
• Build Curriculum Aligned with Regional Demand
• Reinvest in College Facilities
• Enlist Results Driven Approach to Student Success
• Strengthen and Diversify Community Partnerships
• Rejuvenate Communication, Data, and Technology Platforms to Better Access and Manage Information
• Provide Comprehensive Integrated Planning and Professional Development

West Hills College Lemoore’s Educational Master Plan is the College’s primary strategic planning document.  Combined with the College Mission and WHCL’s North Star, the plan will act as a guide for making decisions including hiring, facility planning and development, enrollment management, support services expansion, and resource allocation.