WHCC President's Message

Community Engagement and Continued Growth

Student and community engagement has been one of the primary areas of focus for WHCC during this past academic year. In our relentless pursuit of student success WHCC became an Achieving the Dream College. As a member of the Achieving the Dream Network the college has continued to assess and explore practices and processes that build pipelines and streamline access to college; cultivate a college going culture; foster student success through structured educational pathways; facilitate degree/certificate completion and transfer; and build programs and partnerships that lead to high wage jobs within our region.
We have spent time out in the communities that we serve inviting our fellow residents to join us in conversations regarding our programs, services, and student success goals. We look forward to continuing to build partnerships and strengthen those community connections.

WHCC is thriving with continued enrollment growth; new faculty and staff; and projects to refresh and revitalize the facilities on campus. It is an exciting time in the history of the campus as we complete infrastructure requirements and prepare to begin construction on the new North District Center facility.
The college has begun to assess and define the programs and opportunities that will be expanded, enhanced, and added in the North District service area. WHCC students have benefited greatly from the strong longstanding partnerships and alliances we have formed with many educational, civic, industry and individual private partners throughout our service area. In partnership with the WHCCD Foundation the college is excited to be expanding circle of friends, residents, civic, and industry partners involved in bringing this project to fruition. In the coming year we will continue to actively seek input, participation, and contributions to the development of this community asset that will serve generations of college students in their own community in the years to come.

WHCC remains committed to student success, strengthening our transfer and workforce training programs, and developing new and innovative collaborative relationships and partnerships. However we could not do any of this without the strong partnerships that we have within the communities that we serve. Thank you for your continuing support of our college!

Brenda Thames
President, West Hills College Coalinga