About Student Life & Engagement Program

West Hills College Lemoore
Who are we?

Located in the Student Union (Building 900), the  Student Life& Engagement Program is the home of student organizations and clubs, student events and activities, connections to service projects, student leadership training opportunities, and access to food resources.  

This program provides:
  • Support for the Associated Student Government and Student Senate
  • Support for campus clubs and organizations
  • Connects students to service opportunities
  • On-campus events
  • Approvals for:
    • Student events
    • Promotion and distribution of flyer(s)
    • Fundraisers
  • Information and Resources:
    • Starting a club
    • Club and organization travel
    • Creating event plans and submitting student Event Request forms
    • Student organization budgeting, purchasing, and fiscal administration
  • Access to Food Resources



Grounded in equity and driven by the motto of “Get Strong, Start Strong, Stay Strong, and Finish Strong,” the Student Life and Engagement Program at West Hills College Lemoore seeks to enhance the student experience by providing transformative and experiential learning opportunities that will aid in their personal growth, leadership, professional development, and service engagement.

We are dedicated and committed to creating opportunities for our WHCL students that foster leadership development, engagement, and service.

Key Program Contacts

Amber Avitia
Coordinator of Student Support Services and Engagement
amberavitia@whccd.edu | (559) 925-3704

I can:

  • Help you start a club
  • Assist in navigating college procedures and district policies as it relates to student life and engagement
  • Problem solve club challenges
  • Approve your flyers, activities, and requests for resources
  • Verify services hours
  • Connect you to various student leadership opportunities
  • Link you to various engagement or service opportunities