Request a Tutor

Students requesting tutoring services can pick up an application in room 459 or at the Tutor Specialist’s office conveniently located in the library. Once completed, return to either place and you will be able to seek immediate assistance from any of our tutors. Tutors are available for walk-in tutoring - no appointment is necessary. Please note that all applications require an instructor or counselor signature.

For your convenience, you may also retrieve and print out the Tutor Request Form online to request a tutor. After it is completed, simply return it back to rm. 459 or to the Tutor Specialist both conveniently located in the library.

Students requesting a tutor should understand that they are to:

  • Always be ready to work
  • Bring specific goals or questions along with assignment instructions, textbook or other relevant material.
  • Attempt the work before the appointment with a tutor.
  • Be responsible for your own work
  • Attend class as usual - tutoring cannot substitute for class attendance.
  • Notify the Tutor Specialist or tutor if a class is dropped.

NC-100 Registration

  • All students receiving tutoring services are required to enroll in NC-100 at no cost to the student.
  • This course offers both individualized and group tutoring designed to assist students and increase their success in college courses.
  • This is a non-credit course. Therefore, you will not receive units or a grade.
  • This course may be repeated in subsequent semesters.