Test Proctoring Services

The most appropriate method of administering a test depends upon the student's disability and the design of the test. Depending on the educational limitations caused by the disability, the student may be allowed extra time, as well as additional accommodations, to complete tests as independently as possible. It is possible for DSPS to administer exams to the instructor's specifications. The purpose of this service is to provide an equalized testing opportunity based on the educational limitation(s) of the student.

Common accommodations include:

  •   Additional time
  •   A distraction-free environment
  •   Taking the test on a computer
  •   Using a scribe
  •   Using an alternative format
  •   Using a reader

The DSPS office operates the Test Proctoring Service with integrity and takes into account issues such as test security, effective delivery methods, confidentiality and providing the test as close as possible to the time it is administered to the class. At times, there are complications that necessitate the instructor's understanding. For example, a student requiring additional time on a test may have back to back classes in the morning and may only be able to take the test in one sitting during the afternoon. As the instructor, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns about special circumstances with the student and the DSPS staff or faculty.

Tests are stored in a secure file while at the DSPS office. During busy office times or when the office is closed, tests may be left with the DSPS secretary in the Student Services Building. During a test administered by a proctor, the student must leave all bags, supplies or unauthorized materials with the proctor until testing is completed.  Any additional materials that the student will be permitted to use during the test (i.e. calculators, open notes, open books) must be sanctioned by the instructor. If a student should have any questions during the test, the proctor will not try to answer them, but instead will write them out for the instructor to review at a later time.  

During peak testing times, the DSPS Office lacks the appropriate facilities and staff for administering large numbers of tests simultaneously (i.e. finals) and will ask to schedule the first available time nearest to the time during which the test was given to the entire class. Please remember that the test proctoring service is designed not only to serve students, but also to assist instructors in providing accommodations.

If instructors prefer to administer a test to a student with a disability, they must be able to provide the appropriate accommodation for which the student is eligible (e.g. distraction free environment, additional time, etc.) It is recommended that instructors discuss their intention with a DSPS faculty member regarding the specific conditions attached to the accommodation(s).