LGBTQ+ Resources

Names & Pronouns

Name Change (Preferred Name) in Canvas & Colleague

Changing your name in Canvas and some of the other college systems is possible even if you have not gone through a legal name change. This will help instructors, college staff and your fellow students to use the name you want to be called. To request this change, complete and submit this Preferred Name Request Form. Please note that college records will remain in your legal name and will not change unless you undergo a legal name change and submit documentation to the college.


Legal Name Changes at the College

If you have had your name legally changed but the college records do not reflect this change, contact the West Hills College Lemoore Admissions & Records. You will be required to provide supporting documentation of the name change (court document, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.). (559) 925-3000 ext. 0


College Email & Teams Name Change (Preferred Name)

A process for changing your West Hills College email and Teams name to your preferred name is currently being developed. Check back here for updates.


Zoom Name Change & Adding Pronouns
Name Change While in a Zoom Meeting

If you log into a Zoom meeting and need to change your name:

  1. Click “Participants.” A list of the people in the meeting will pop up.
  2. Click on your name and select “More” and then “Rename.” You can also include pronouns in the name when you rename yourself.
Name Change for Future Zoom Meetings

In the Zoom app (on a phone, tablet, or computer) open “Settings.”
On a computer:

  1. Select “Profile” and then “Edit My Profile.”
  2. Click “Edit.”
  3. Change your “Display Name.” You may also include pronouns in your display name.
  4. Click “Save.”

On a mobile device:

  1. Tap your name.
  2. Tap on the “Display Name” to change it. You may also include pronouns in your display name.
  3. Tap “Save.”


Adding Pronouns to Canvas

Use this step-by-step guide to add or change your pronouns in Canvas. These pronouns will be displayed next to your name in Canvas.