Nursing Program Information

Application Period/Acceptance Notification

2019-2020 application period is November 1st 2019 through January 31st 2020

WHCL nursing program is a once a year admission (fall only).  30 students are accepted into the traditional program and 10 students into the LVN-RN program each year (depending on space availability).  The application period is November 1st through February 1st respectively each year with acceptance notification in early April followed by a mandatory orientation at the end of April. New cohorts begin in the fall semester in August for traditional program and spring start for LVN-RN program.  


The mission of the West Hills College Lemoore (WHCL) Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ADN) program is to prepare entry-level registered nurses to be providers of care across the health/illness continuum and as members within the profession. The program respects the individuality of students and recognizes that each student has different educational, experiential, cultural, spiritual, socio-economic backgrounds, and a unique support system. The aim of the curriculum is to provide a positive, innovative learning model that fosters the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills so that the nursing graduate is equipped to deliver care to a diverse population in a variety of healthcare settings. Nursing graduates will collaborate with members of the health care team, effectively communicate, become politically aware, and committed to lifelong learning.

Academic Programs

West Hills College Lemoore (WHCL) has an Associate Degree nursing Program with an option for LVN-RN advanced placement and a LVN-RN 30 unit option. 


Program Contact

West Hills College Lemoore Health Careers office:
Office: 559-925-3490

WHCL has Health Careers Counselor available to students who are WHCL students with student IDs to assist in identifying the appropriate pathway for you. 

Counselor Phone Email

Rupinder Rai


Marta Hendrickson

(559) 925-3280

Application Process

  1. First Step is to apply to the college  this is necessary to obtain a student ID number and a email.  Without a WHCL email, you will not be able to receive important application information.
  2. Complete separate application for the Nursing Program follow the instructions to apply


Requirements to Apply
  1. Completion of Prerequisites with minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible to apply
    • Anatomy 4.0 units
    • Physiology 4.0 units
    • Microbiology 4.0 units
    • English 1A 3.0 units
    View WHCL Accepted Comparable Courses from Local Colleges
  2. To apply, applicants must have minimum GPA 2.5 in Prerequisite coursework AND minimum GPA 2.5 in cumulative college coursework-for all college coursework taken at any/all colleges
    *foreign records evaluation/coursework see instructions to apply
  3. High School Diploma or GED or equivalent
  4. Completion of Application- check website for application period and deadline
    *instructions to apply

    View ADN Counseling Information and Program Prerequisites
  5. Official Transcripts from All colleges/programs attended (including LVN programs)  (failure to provide all college transcripts will cause application to be incomplete and therefore denied)
  6. Transcripts from West Hills Community College District can be submitted unofficial. Those can be obtained from your student portal.
  7. Criminal Background Clearance- post-acceptance into program (2nd stage of acceptance)
  8. Health Screen Clearance/Physical-post-acceptance into program (2nd stage of acceptance)
  9. Current American Heart Association CPR Card - BLS Basic Life Support provider card turned in with application
    View CPR Card Example
  10. Valid/current Auto Insurance- turned in with application
  11. Valid driver’s license-copy
  12. Copy of signed Social Security Card
Applicant Selection

West Hills College Lemoore Nursing program utilizes a multi-criteria selection process.  See the attachments for selection criteria.  Point based categories; applicants are selected using point system.

View Multi-Criteria for Nursing Program
Follow the instructions closely for required documents to support the multi-criteria. 

TEAS Score

A TEAS score 62% or higher TEAS is required for admission into program. TEAS scores must be sent electronically via ATI to our school (West Hills CC) for result validity and must be received in our office by close of the application period to be added to your application. If it is not received by the closing on the last day of the application period, the application can not be processed for review. WHCL allows only 3 TEAS attempts to meet the 62% benchmark.

Please be advised to not take the TEAS more than 2 times as all other programs will not allow you to apply with more than 2 TEAS attempts. It is highly recommended you study and prepare for this exam as you would for any other course exam prior to taking it.

View TEAS Test Preparation for TEAS test success
It is highly recommended you study for this exam prior to taking

WHCL is offering 2 TEAS test dates on campus to those potential applicants who are first time TEAS test takers. If you have not taken the TEAS exam, you can sign up in the Health Careers office to take the TEAS at one attempt free of charge.

TEAS test dates for this 2019-2020 application period are:

  • 12/20/19 room 231 from 9-1pm (20 student spots)
  • 1/17/2020 room 278 from 9-1pm (25 student spots)

Please call or email the Health Careers office for more information. You may register at the health careers office. Please bring picture ID and WHCL student ID/email if you have one.

(559) 925-3490 or

Program Faculty and Staff

District Director Health Careers/ Director of Nursing
Kathryn DeFede MSN, PHN, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing: 
Cynthia Dolata MSN, RN, BC

Full Time Nursing Faculty:

  • Cynthia Dolata MSN, RN, BC
  • Geri Mahaffey MSN, RN, FNP
  • Hilliary Sulcer MSN, RN 

Part Time Nursing Faculty:

  • Angela Rosati, MSN, RN
  • Elaine McMahon BSN, RN 
  • Karri Christopherson BSN, RN 
  • Allen Henning BSN, RN
  • Ashley Robertson BSN, RN
  • Jennifer Phillips MSN, RN
  • Trina Shilow BSN, RN
  • Natalie Alford BSN, RN
  • Elizabeth Sanchez, MSN, RN
  • Anna Ramirez, BSN, RN
  • Luceille Meister, MSN, RN
  • Lori Ravizzi, BSN, RN
  • Heather Parreira BSN, RN
  • Jill Barabe, RN
  • Pat Himphayvanh, RN

Health Careers Office Staff:

  • Perla Saldana- Secretary
  • Dawne Troth- Secretary, Clinical Coordinator
  • Jasmine Ramirez- Skills Lab Technician

All questions pertaining to transferrable units and/or completion of prerequisites need to be addressed with the Health Careers Counselors.

Board of Registered Nursing

The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is a state governmental agency established by law to protect the public by regulating the practice of regis?tered nurses. The BRN is responsible for implementation and enforcement of the Nursing Practice Act: the laws related to nursing education, licensure, practice, and discipline. The Nursing Practice Act created a nine-member Board which serves as the BRN decision-making body.

California Board of Registered Nurses (BRN) 
Tel: (916) 322-3350

Physical Address: 
1747 North Market Boulevard, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834-1924

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 944210
Sacramento, CA 94244-2100 

View BRN NCLEX-RN Pass Rates


Frequently Asked Questions

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    West Hills College Lemoore Health Career Programs only accept American Heart Association BLS for
    health care providers to be eligible to apply to or attending health career courses. To locate a class
    near you see the links and directions below.

    American Heart Association

    Looking for Classes?
    American Heart Association Basic Life Support Courses Near You

    1. Visit American Heart Association web site
    2. Find courses near you
      1.  Under Programs and Courses, click on See BLS course options
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