Maintenance Mechanic

The Maintenance Mechanic Academy course set prepares students for entry-level work
that is specific to the Central Valley. The program is designed to give students a footin-
the-door so that their employer completes the training specific to their organization.

Students will learn:

  • Electrical processes
  • Fluid power mechanics
  • Basic welding (non-certified)
  • Engineering focused mathematics
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Basic machinery maintenance

In addition to our Maintenance Mechanic Academy, West Hills College Lemoore assists students as they prepare to enter the workforce through our Workforce Internship and Networking (WIN) Center. The WIN Center prepares students for interviews, finds students internships, and connects students with jobs after academy completion.

  • What is CTE Academy?

    Its About Jobs. The Career Technical Education (CTE) academies at West Hills College Lemoore are a series of technical courses that are sequenced in a student-friendly format and specifically designed to prepare you for a job in the workforce.

    • Community Professionals
    • Transfer Students
    • High School Students
    • Current WHCL Students
    • Two semesters (Fall & Spring)
    • Two nights per week
    • 17 units of college credit
    • Required Co-enrollment
    • Cohort of 25 students

Maintenance Mechanic Course set includes:
MM-51-L01 - Introduction to Manufacturing .5 units 
MM-52A-L01 - Trade Mathematics 1 unit
MM-52B-L01 - Computer Fundamentals for Maintenance Mechanics .5 units 
MM-52C-L01 - Job Preparation .5 units 
MM-52D-L01 - Technical Report Writing .5 units 
MM-53A-L01 - Fluid Power Fundamentals .5 units 
MM-53B-L01 - Pneumatic Fundamentals .5 units 
MM-53C-L01 - Hydraulics Fundamentals .5 units
MM-54A-L01 - Power Transmissions .5 units
MM-54B-L01 - Welding Fundamentals .5 units
MM-54C-L01 - Electric Fundamentals .5 units
Total Units 
6 units