The Programming Academy at West Hills College Lemoore is part of the Career Technical Education (CTE) academies. The CTE academies are a series of technical courses that are sequenced in a student-friendly format and specifically designed to prepare you for a job in the workforce.

The Programming Academy at West Hills College Lemoore will provide you with coding and programming skills to design websites and understand software applications. Students who complete the academy will be prepared to enter and compete for jobs in the technology
occupational ladder of data science.

Program success:
The explosion of the internet in recent years has created a new demand for web
programmers and web designers. In addition to being able to build websites, a
web specialist must also be a mast of communication - both in the visual and
verbal arenas.

Our Programming academy equips students with knowledge of:
• JavaScript
• Scripting Languages such as PHP/MySQ)


  • Earn a CA Community College Chancellor’s Office recognized certificate
  • Cohort of 25 students
  • Support in job placement
  • 17 units of college credit
  • Internships available

In addition to our Programming Academy, West Hills College Lemoore assists students as they prepare to enter the workforce through our Workforce Internship and Networking (WIN) Center. The WIN Center prepares students for interviews, finds students internships, and connects students with jobs after academy completion.

  • What is CTE Academy?

    Its About Jobs. The Career Technical Education (CTE) academies at West Hills College Lemoore are a series of technical courses that are sequenced in a student-friendly format and specifically designed to prepare you for a job in the workforce.

    • Community Professionals
    • Transfer Students
    • High School Students
    • Current WHCL Students
    • Two semesters (Fall & Spring)
    • Two nights per week
    • 17 units of college credit
    • Required Co-enrollment
    • Cohort of 25 students

Programming Academy Requirements 
Semester 1 (18 weeks):  
CIS-2-L01 (9 weeks) - Internet Programming HTML
Tuesday & Thursday, August - October

3 units 
CIS-2B-L01 (9 weeks) - Internet Programming CSS
Tuesday & Thursday, October - December

3 units 
Semester 2 (18 weeks):
CIS-2C-L01 (9 weeks) - Internet Programming Scripting
Tuesday & Thursday, January - March
3 units 
CIS-2D-L01 (9 weeks) - Intro to Programming Concepts
Tuesday & Thursday, March - May
3 units 
CIS-2F-L01 (9 weeks) - Internet Server Side Scripting
[Online], January - March
3 units 
WE-15XX or CIS-15XX (18 weeks) - Cooperative Work Experience Education
January - May
1 - 3 units 
Total Units 
16 - 18 units