Business Information Worker

Why choose a career as a Business Information Worker?

Employment of Receptionists and Information Clerks will increase due to the rapid growth in service-providing industries, such as physicians' offices, law firms, and temporary help agencies. The increased use of technology has caused a consolidation of clerical responsibilities and a growing demand for workers with diverse clerical and technical skills. Because Receptionists and Information Clerks may perform a wide variety of clerical tasks, they should continue to be in demand. They perform many tasks that are interpersonal in nature and are not easily automated thus ensuring the continued demand for their services in a variety of establishments.

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  • What is CTE Academy?

    Its About Jobs. The Career Technical Education (CTE) academies at West Hills College Lemoore are a series of technical courses that are sequenced in a student-friendly format and specifically designed to prepare you for a job in the workforce.

    • Community Professionals
    • Transfer Students
    • High School Students
    • Current WHCL Students
    • Two semesters (Fall & Spring)
    • Two nights per week
    • 17 units of college credit
    • Required Co-enrollment
    • Cohort of 25 students
Section Name Title Instructor Days
Semester 1 (18 Weeks)
CIS-7-L01 Computer Concepts D. Rengh Mon & Wed
CIS-8-L01 Microcomputer operating Environment D. Rengh Monday
BUS-2-L01 Introductory Alphabetic Keyboarding G. Fogel Wed & Fri
BUS-13A-L01 Word for Windows I G. Fogel Mon & Wed
BUS-13B-L01 Word for Windows II G. Fogel Mon & Wed
CIS-34-L01 Introduction to Spreadsheets F. Rengh Mon & Wed
Semester 2 (18 Weeks)
BUS-67-L01 Filing & Records Management   Monday
BUS-3-L01 Intermediate Keyboarding G. Fogel Wed & Fri
BUS-28-L01 Business Communication   Tues & Thurs
BUS-35-L01 Human Resources Management M. Paden Mon & Wed
or CIS-15XX
Cooperative Work Experience Education