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SP 1


Class Hours: 3 Lecture� CAN SPCH 4, A1.� Strongly Recommended Preparation: ENG 51A or equivalent.

Speech 1 provides instruction in the fundamental processes of oral communication.� This course is designed to improve the student's ability to function in any speaking situation.� Emphasis is on the basic concepts of speaking as a transfer of understood messages, particularly as a communication between a single speaker and an audience.� Students are involved in the critical thinking process of preparing and delivering extemporaneous speeches and in the development of active listening skills.� (AA, CSU, UC)

SP 3


Class Hours: 3 Lecture� A3, CAN SPCH 6.� Strongly Recommended Preparation: SP 1 competency.

The course provides instruction in the development if reasoning skills and practice in formal and informal argumentation and persuasion. While course content and analysis of standard debate techniques (traditional, cross-examination, Lincoln-Douglas) requiring two matched sides for and against a proposition, Speech emphasized the argumentation mode of persuasion that enables an individual to reach decisions based on good reasoning and evidence. (AA, CSU, UC)

SP 4


Class Hours: 3 Lecture, A1.� Strongly Recommended Preparation: ENG 51A or equivalent.

Speech 4 provides instruction in the dynamics of small group communication.� Students will explore their own communication skills and weaknesses through the application of critical thinking and analysis.� Students will learn a variety of problem solving and leadership techniques, including how to conduct meetings and discussions, as well as how to effectively and persuasively present information within small groups and as a small group to a larger audience.� (AA, CSU, UC)

SP 5


Class Hours: 3 Lecture� E1

Speech 5 is designed to provide understanding, critical thinking, and practical skills in basic communication settings; one to one, one to many, and speaker to audience. Students will engage in interpersonal exercises to use communication skills such as listening, paraphrasing, describing feelings, decision-making, perception checking, and verbal and non-verbal communication.� (AA, CSU)

SP 30/60


Class Hours: 18 lecture hours or 54 laboratory hours for each semester unit.

All courses numbered 30/60 are designed to permit department to meet an immediate student or community need, to explore newer methods in teaching a subject, to offer courses which are innovative, and to provide variety and flexibility in curriculum.� A required course description identifies each course subject.� These courses may be taken for CR/NC.

SP 49/99


Class Hours: 54 Laboratory for each semester unit. No more than 2 units per semester per 49/99 series.

Speech 49/99 is designed for students who wish to undertake special projects related to a particular field.� Students, under instructor guidance and acknowledgement, may pursue individual exploration after completing or while currently enrolled in at least one course in the department of directed study.� (AA, CSU)