HRCM: Beverage Management

HRCM: Beverage Management Certificate of Achievement

The Beverage Management certified program is designed to successfully train students to enter the world of hospitality professionals. The selection and sequencing of courses cover several aspects from sensory analysis to understanding great regions of the world, as well as, management systems, production, the dynamics of beverage and food parings. This program has basic and advanced tasting methodologies dedicated in preparing all types of learners by implementing a successful learning environment, focusing on completion and industry placement.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency of safety and sanitation principles behind the bar.
  • demonstrate the ability to construct alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • demonstrate knowledge in tools and glassware.
  • demonstrate beginning and advanced pouring techniques.
  • recognize and demonstrate the requirements for proper sanitation in the beverage service industry.


Course # Title Units
CUL-003 Safety and Sanitation 2
CUL-002 Food and Wine Pairings 3
CUL-057 Beverage Management 3
CUL-066 Mixology 2
HRCM-001 Introduction to Hospitality 3
HRCM-012 Hospitality Cost Control 3
HRCM-015X Occupational Work Experience 1
Total 17