HRCM: Introduction to Hospitality Management

HRCM: Introduction to Hospitality Management Certificate of Achievement

The Introduction to Hospitality Management certified program has been specifically created to successfully train students to enter the field of hospitality management. The selection and sequencing of these courses prepares the students for educational advancement. Instruction consists of a combination of lecture and practical hands-on lab implementation. This curriculum offers classrooms and training facilities that have been designed with the latest modern technology available.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Give examples of the correct processes and procedures to manage food service operations based on the guidelines and policies of safety and for safe food systems.
  • Learn through evaluation to judge the quality in food service fundamentals, methods, and techniques based on time efficiency, adequacy, value, and procedures.
  • Identify parts, relationships, and organizational principals to the production of cuisine or the relation to.
  • Recognize specific terms, concepts, and formulas to calculate measurements and conversions.


Course # Title Units
CUL-003 Sanitation and Safety 2
HRCM-001 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
HRCM-004 Supervision and Leadership in Hospitality 3
HRCM-008 Introduction to Food Service Operations 3
HRCM-012 Hospitality Cost Control 3
CUL-058 Introduction to Dining Room Service and Management 3
Total 17