CIS - Introduction to Programming

CIS - Introduction to Programming Certificate of Achievement

The explosion of the internet in recent years has created a new demand for web programmers or web designers. These are people who have design skills specifically used for web design. In addition to being able to build websites, a web specialist must also be a master of communication - both in the visual and verbal arenas. The web specialist must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAVA, server side scripting languages such as PHP/MySQL and other related web programming languages, which they will use to convert the everyday print documents that are used format he most basic communication level to the most advanced communication level with the inclusion of images and other multi-media formats to communicate their messages into a web-friendly format.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in the use of common HTML code.
  • Demonstrate competency using FTP to transfer web pages to a server.
  • Construct pages that meet guidelines for efficient download.
  • Construct pages that meet the needs of an identified audience.
  • Construct efficient file structure for web sites.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a WYSIWYG design software.
  • Evaluate the functions of specific types of web pages in relationship to an entire web site.
  • Design electronic text and web pages that include the standard textual components needed on web pages.
  • Create web pages that meet accessibility needs of those with physical disabilities.
  • Understand how CSS will affect web page creation.
  • Understand the role of JavaScript in web page creation.
  • Modify CSS and JavaScript for use on a web site.
  • Understand the function of copyright in relationship to web design and coding.
  • Utilize graphic design to enhance web pages.
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
CIS-002 Internet Programming HTML/XHTML
CIS-002B Internet Programming CSS
CIS-002C Internet Programming JavaScript
CIS-002D JAVA Programming
CIS-002F Server Side Scripting
WE-015XX General or Occupational Work Experience
or CIS-015XX Occupational Work Experience 1 - 3
Total 16-18

This is a recommended sequence of courses for timely completion of this program. Please see your counselor to formalize your personalized educational plan or for alternative planning.

  • CIS-002
  • CIS-002B
  • 6
  • CIS-002C
  • CIS-002D
  • CIS-002F
  • WE-015XX or CIS-015XX1-3
  • 10


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