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Work-based Learning Update November 2019

The WIN Center and Work based learning efforts have been busy during November

Pizza Parties

Richard DuranDuring this month's pizza parties our students heard from multiple industry partners within Kings County. Our business students heard from HR Director Richard Duran, from Kings County Superior Court and our AOJ students heard from two Probation Officers, a former WHCL AOJ student, Monica Vargas, and from our own Coach O, who is a current Federal Correctional Officer. Students in attendance were able to hear about career opportunities within these organizations as well as future internships options. Lastly, our industry partners shared their own advice with our students such as what they wish they knew before entering into their career fields and what skills they wish they had focused on while in school that would have helped them be more successful in their careers. If you know of an industry partner who is interested in being a part of our pizza parties please have them contact Tamara Warren at (559) 925-3791.

Autism Learning Partners
On Thursday, Nov. 21st, the WIN Center hosted Autism Learning Partners where Jessica Long, an Advanced Behavioral Technician and recruiter for the company held a presentation in classroom 231. During this presentation she shared information about the organization, what they look for when hiring, and also about their immediate need for local Behavioral Technicians. This event was promoted to all WHCL students, but specifically to our students in our Psychology, Sociology, Health Careers, and Education programs. The event was a success with twenty-two students in attendance who were able to have their resumes reviewed, interviews scheduled, and gain information about this career opportunity.

Holiday Hiring
As the holidays arrive please share with your students that there are multiple local companies looking for holiday staff such as Old Navy, Amazon, Gap, Banana Republic, Target, Nike, Bath & Body Works, the Children's Place, and many more! If you know of any student interested in working as a seasonal employee please encourage them to stop by the WIN Center in room 275. We can help students through every step of the employment process such as job searching, completing a job application, resume writing, mock interview prep, etc. We even have free professional clothing through our Eagle Closet for your students to take home so they feel ready and confident for their interview.

Classroom Visits
Since the beginning of the Fall 2019 term Tamara Warren has been visiting many different WHCL classes to promote the WIN Center, internship opportunties, Jobspeaker, etc. However, many students still do not know about the WIN Center or the many work-based learning opportunities available to them here at WHCL. If you are interested in having Tamara visit your classroom please contact her at ext. 3791 to schedule this classroom visit.

Don't Cancel Your Class
As the holidays arrive, if there is a day when you cannot make it to your class you can request a Stay Strong Workshop in lieu of canceling your class. You will still need to turn in an absence slip, but your students would attend a workshop during their regular class time. Workshop topics include Jobspeaker, Ace the Interview, Career Planning, and much more. If you are interested in this please submit a request at:

WIN Center Numbers 
Below are the current numbers of students who have received services from the WIN Center for the Fall 2019 term. 

WIN Center month     

If you would like any more information on work-based learning opportunities or want to share industry partner information please contact Tamara Warren at (559) 925-3791.If you would like any more information on work-based learning opportunities or want to share industry partner information please contact Tamara Warren at (559) 925-3791.

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