Resource Friday

Resource Friday: Degrees & Certificates - Browse by Interest

Are you getting ready to register for classes but still have no idea what you want to major in? Look no further than West Hills College Lemoore’s “Browse by Interest” feature.

This page on the West Hills College Lemoore website allows students to find an degree or certificate program that best matches their interests. This tool allows you to select things that you like to do, like work outdoors, be creative, solve problems, etc.

I like to

After selecting the things you like to do most, you’ll then be prompted to select the different areas in which you might be interested in studying.

I want to study

Completing this process will narrow down the program options available at WHCL to best suit your interests. It’s simple and only takes a few seconds to complete! So, if you’re stuck trying to figure out what you want to spend the next 2-4 years studying, let the Browse by Interest tool help you narrow it down, and get registered for classes today!

Browse By Interest