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A Visit from State Chancellor Eloy Oakley

WHCL hosted State Community College Chancellor Dr. Eloy Oakley for a town hall and campus tour

On November 29, 2018 West Hills College Lemoore hosted a town hall meeting presented by the state community college chancellor Dr. Eloy Oakley. At this event, Oakley presented the audience his vision for success across California community colleges. Topics presented in Oakley’s vision consisted of increasing credential obtainment by 20%, increasing transfer by 35% to UC and CSU, decreasing unit obtainment for a degree, increasing employment for CE students, reducing and erasing equity gaps, and reducing regional gaps. Members of the audience, who consisted of many community college faculty and some students, were able to engage with Oakley by asking questions they had regarding his plan. The event ended with Eloy Oakley presenting a gift to West Hills College Lemoore President Dr. Kristin Clark and receiving a gift himself from the West Hills Community College chancellor Dr. Stuart Van Horn.

As part of the visit, Oakley also toured the campus and partipated in forums with staff, faculty and students throughout the day. 

A Visit from State Chancellor Eloy Oakley: Student Perspective

WHCL State Chancellor Eloy Oakley