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EECU Understanding Credit Workshop

On Wednesday March 7th, Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) came to West Hills College Lemoore to present an Understanding Credit workshop.

It was a very informative workshop where students got to ask questions like how long negative credit follows us and does it actually hurt your credit score when you look at it. At the beginning students got a folder which had an interactive packet, a calendar and a pen! In this workshop students learned that negative credit follows us up to 7 years and a bankruptcy can stay for up to 10. 

Things that follow you more than 10 years are student loans, judgements, and back taxes. A great way to look at credit is like looking at our GPA but instead being on a 4.0 scale it’s on a 850 scale. Credit can be scary but if you manage it and only use 40 percent and leave the other 60 percent for emergency’s you’ll be just fine.

EECU Understanding Credit Workshop: Student Perspective

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