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WHCL Eagle Dayz 2018

West Hills College Lemoore hosted their annual Eagle Dayz for prospective students attending school in the Fall on April 27.

West Hills College Lemoore hosted their annual Eagle Dayz for prospective students attending school in the Fall. The day started out with current students signing in the high school students and directing them into the Golden Eagle Arena where the day would start from. Once all the schools and students were inside, Dr. Clark WHCL President and Michael Dey the ASB president, welcomed the students by giving them some encouraging words about their next step in their lives. Mr. Preston then came out to spit some rhymes about each of the schools and how they will be becoming Golden Eagles which is “wiggidy wiggidy whack” followed by a mic drop. Mr. Preston had everyone laughing after his little introduction. All of the administrators were then introduced to the students then the students were dismissed into groups to go and check out the campus.

The first place the students checked out was the Golden Eagle Arena which had financial aid, various resources that WHCL offers, and some activities students could get involved in. Some of the campus activities that were present were Eagle Eye, Art Department, and the WIN Center. The Eagle Eye showed students what the campus newspaper has to offer and what classes they can take to be involved with the paper. The Art Department had all kinds of student art work and told these prospective students what they can learn from art classes. The WIN Center talked to students about the services they offer which include resume help and job opportunities.

The next place that the students went was to the Library to either register or ask questions about their classes. Those who had not registered for classes were able to go into the library to register for their classes and those who had already done so chilled outside and played games. After the library the students went to room 253 to learn more about some of the incentives that come with coming to West Hills, such as FREE PARKING!

The final place the students went to was to check out the student union. While at the student union, the prospective students learned about all the great clubs that West Hills has to offer. There were eight clubs that joined in on the event to showcase their clubs. The Dream Achievers let students know that their club is a safe space for those who are DACA recipients etcetera, that people can join as long as they are supportive of the cause, and it’s a safe space for students. They also had some fun getting people to line dance. The Business Entrepreneurship Club was able to show the networking skills and creativity skills that come with being in the club. Eagle Pantry showcased the help they give the community by telling students about the monthly food bank distributions and the weekly food distributions they have on campus. Rhythm and poetry club had some karaoke that students could join in on. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society was promoting their club by letting students know about their many opportunities. There were other clubs out there that were able to showcase their clubs and get some people to sign up.

After the students went through all the rotations, they went back to the Arena to get lunch. Once lunch was done there was some fun the students continued to have. J Wonder and Fernie Banks were the afternoon’s MCs that got the students hyped about the day they had. A game of knock out with the Women’s Basketball team was some of the fun that happened. The day ended with the students wining some raffle prizes to take home. Finally the day ended and the students went home with new found information about their future school.

 View photos and videos from the event below: 

WHCL Eagle Dayz 2018: Student Perspective

WHCL 2018 Golden Eagle Dayz

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