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Work-based Learning Update October 2019

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October is Manufacturing Month
As October is the official month celebrating Manufacturing, there are many local events highlighting this industry which West Hills College Lemoore has been a part of. On Oct. 4th Jim Rooney, myself, and Ruben Lopez, a WHCL Industrial Technology student, attended the South Valley Industrial Summit held at Southern California Edison's Energy Education Center where we were able to meet with multiple industry partners and hear how manufacturing is growing in our area. Additionally, Oct. 24th is the Valley's annual Manufacturing Day event where Jim Rooney will be promoting our Industrial Technology program to many local high school students at the Tulare County Office of Education.

WIN Center

Photo of Tamara Warren, Jim Rooney, and Ruben Lopez
(student) attending the South Valley Industrial Summit on Oct. 4th.

Pizza Parties
This month was the beginning of our monthly Business Students' and Administration of Justice Students' Pizza Parties. For these events we invited Olam and our local Lemoore Police Department to attend and meet with our students. Between these two events we had over thirty students in attendance. All future Business Students' Pizza Parties will be prior to the Entrepreneurial Club monthly meetings as they are a very active club on campus and we want to support their efforts. Our next two pizza parties are scheduled to occur mid-November. Future pizza parties will include visits from local probation officers and also finance executives from the City of Lemoore. We are actively looking for more AOJ and Business industry partners to attend these events. If you know of any interested partner please share their contact information with Tamara Warren at ext. 3791.

Attend a Future WINing Workshop

Entrée to Employment
We have started planning for this year's Entrée to Employment event, which is scheduled for April 2nd, 2020 from 5:00 - 7:30. Entrée to Employment is a networking event designed to connect students with local employers. These interactions provide students with opportunities to gain perspective in a chosen career field, build a network, and learn about opportunities within our immediate area. Students who are chosen for this event will have shown dedication to their career field in classroom activities and demonstrated sound communication skills through interactions with WHCL instructors, students, and staff members. This year we will be highlighting careers in Business Management, Bookkeeping, Ag Leadership, and Manufacturing. An Industry Interest Survey has been created and any interested industry partners are able to complete this survey by going to:
Please share with any interested industry partners.

Internship Opportunties
There are currently thirteen internship opportunities open for students to apply for in Jobspeaker. These opportunities include gaining experience in web development, office assistant experience, working with local businesses through interning at the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce, Social Media marketing, and so much more. As of today we also posted a Maintenance Assistant Internship with Agusa on Jobspeaker and are in the process of creating an internship program with Electric Motor Shop & Supply. Some of these opportunities on Jobspeaker are paid internships or may offer possible employment after the completion of a positive internship experience. In addition to these opportunities, we are regularly promoting the purpose of internships on our social media platforms for our students to better understand how an internship can help them reach their future career goals. Please encourage your students to pursue these opportunities and promote the benefits of internships in your classes.

Classroom Visits 

Since the beginning of the Fall 2019 term Tamara Warren has been visiting many different WHCL classes to promote the WIN Center, internship opportunties, Jobspeaker, etc. However, many students still do not know about the WIN Center or the many work-based learning opportunities available to them. If you are interested in having Tamara visit your classroom please contact her at ext. 3791 to schedule this classroom visit. 

Don't Cancel your Class

If there is a day when you cannot make it to your class you can request a Stay Strong Workshop in lieu of canceling your class. You will still need to turn in an absence slip, but your students would attend the workshop during their regular class time. Workshop topics include Jobspeaker, Ace the Interview, Career Planning, and much more. If you are interested in this please submit a request at:

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If you would like any more information on work-based learning opportunities or want to share industry partner information please contact Tamara Warren at (559) 925-3791.

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