Thinking of a Career as a Teaching Assistant?

Are you good with children? Do you love working with them? Becoming a Teaching Assistant might be the perfect career move for you! West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs help you gain the skills necessary to work closely with and help children reach their education goals.

What does a Teaching Assistant do?

A teaching assistant helps with instructional support for a teacher thus giving the teacher time to create lessons and teach their class. You will be able to work with students individually or in small groups and help them understand their school work or other activities. Teaching Assistants are often found helping special education students, remedial students, and students who are learning English. Not only will you be working in the classroom, you can also find yourself outside of it as you supervise students in the cafeteria, on school grounds, in hallways, and on field trips. West Hills College will give you the skills necessary to help children in and out of the classroom. You will gain the knowledge necessary to instruct and tutor your students with the help of West Hills College’s degree programs.

What would I earn as a Teaching Assistant?

In 2021, the reported average wage of Teaching Assistants in California was $37,300. This can change depending on the area that you work in and the size of the school.

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West Hills College Lemoore Programs Offered Leading to this Career:

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