Join the Growing Field of Cybersecurity!

Join the growing field of cybersecurity with West Hills College Lemoore's Cybersecurity academy!

Prepare for careers in the exciting and rapidly growing field of technology! Learn to secure computer assets and information and the skills you need to succeed, with online and evening classes! All courses are transferable to CSU and UC. 
You will learn:
• Information security techniques
• Emerging technology
• Design, application, installation, operation, and maintenance of computer security systems.
• Competencies for CompTIA exams
Class starts August 10! Register today! 
Fall Courses:
CIS-005H Operating Systems – Linux
August 13 to October 10
7-10 p.m.

CIS-005E Introduction to System Security
October 15 to December 12
7 to 10 p.m.

CIS-042 System Design and Analysis 
October 15  to December 14
Planned Spring Courses:

Introduction to Information Assurance
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Kris Costa 
Dean, Career Technical Education