Launch Your Career in Corrections

Prepare for an exciting career in corrections with our short term Career Education Academy!

Jump start your career in corrections with West Hills College Lemoore's Correctional Rehabilitation Academy! This short term class will prepare you for a career in corrections as a correctional officer, administrator or administrative support worker. You will earn a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the academy. All courses are transferable to CSU and UC. 

In this short-term academy, you'll learn:

  • History of corrections
  • Supervision and control of inmates
  • Communication skills
  • Real skills for correctional institutions
  • Techniques of interviewing and counseling

Fall classes begin August 10! Register today! 

AOJ 003: Introduction to Corrections
Monday/Wednesday 4-6:50pm
August 13 to October 8
AOJ 004: Control and Supervision of Inmates
Monday/Wednesday 4-6:50pm
October 15 to December 10
ENGL 051A: Intro to Communication Skills
Monday/Wednesday 7-10:00PM
August 15 to December 10
Recommended co-enrollment


Doug Snell
Instructional Faculty
West Hills College Lemoore