Building Security

A safe learning environment is essential. All access functions are monitored and under programmed computerized control. The use of pre-encoded photo identification access cards provides a record of who locks and unlocks doors. Access cards can be issued for specific doors, events, etc., based upon need and duration, and can just as easily be inactivated. Unauthorized entry triggers an alarm system, which summons the appropriate personnel. Facilities Services locks and unlocks campus entry doors Monday - Friday. Contact Facilities at 925-3250 for more information.

The security of the college environment is maintained through a comprehensive Electronics card access / intrusion alarm system and a professional security company. All doors to permanent buildings at the college are programmed to unlock and lock automatically at specific hours of operation. The controller includes control sequences as basic as "who goes where when." Access may be restricted based on time of day, day of week, and door. Classroom doors are secured during school hours. Faculty and staff are issued a photo-identified proximity card to access their classroom and secure the room after class. Reports are generated for tracking purposes. The Director of Facilities monitors activities related to the system's real time event viewer.

The college has nine emergency code blue stations strategically located throughout the college. The code blue stations are illuminated and automatically dial 911 when activated. Code blue stations are tested regularly to ensure that they are in good working condition. The Director of Facilities and other administrators are available during normal staff working hours to address facilities issues that arise. In the evenings, the Associate Dean of the Evening College is in charge of all evening operations. Facilities staff and contracted security personnel provide information, assistance, safety escorts, facility security, emergency assistance, and supervision of college traffic for the college community 24 hours a day.