Learning Areas

Arts and Letters

Disciplines- Basic Skills English, English, Communications, Art, Philosophy, Performing Arts, Guidance Studies, Tutoring (Education Assistant), Spanish, ESL, Music


J. Shehorn - Basic Skills/English

M. Ennes - Communication/English

L. Howard - English

N. Daniels - Basic Skills/English

K. Sheffield - Basic Skills/English

D. Gejeian - English/Journalism

S. Turmon - GED Lab Instructor/Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                                           

Counseling Faculty

Disciplines- Counseling


M Hendrickson - Counselor

T. McGee - Counselor

M. Gonzalez - Counselor (DSPS)

T. Quilici - Counselor

D. Lopez - Counselor (DSPS)

W. Denney - Counselor

L. Burgos - Counselor, Transfer Coordinator

Social Sciences

Disciplines- Geology, Geography, Political Science, History, Ethnic Studies, Education, Library Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Child Development


R. Hall - Geography/Geology

R. Sanchez - History

V. Kennedy - Sociology

R. Oxford - Librarian

A.Fortune - Psychology

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Disciplines- Computer Information Systems (CIS), Business, Accounting, Economics, Culinary Arts, Hotel Restaurant and Casino Managment (HRCM), Administration of Justice (AOJ), Cooperative Work Experience Education, GED Preparation


D. Rengh - CIS/Business

M. Paden - CIS/Economics

B. Kron - Business/Accounting

C. Raia - Culinary Arts

T. Davis - Administration of Justice

Health and Wellness

Disciplines- Health Careers, Kinesiology, Physical Education


C. Dolata - Nursing

J. Mahaffey - Nursing

A. Picchi - Kinesiology/Women's Basketball

R. Ragsdale—Kinesiology

D. Neer—Kinesiology/Golf

K. Olson—Kinesiology/Wrestling

Math and Science

Discipline- Basic Skills Math, Math, Biology (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology), Chemistry, Physics

Faculty -

F. Ganter - Math

S. Jackson - Basic Skills/Math

J. Birrell - Math

D. Babb - Biology

C. Harris - Biology/Nutrition

B. Abela - Chemistry

J. Zhao - Engineering/Physical Science

K. Sterling - Biology/Microbiology

J. Rogers - Biology

J. Thomas - Math

M. Chamberlain - Math

Updated: 1/18/17