Westside Works

Westside Works Partnership Process

Learn how to partner with Westside Works to establish a highly effective apprenticeship program

Get Organizational Buy-In
Obtain organizational buy-in of Westside Works Apprenticeship Program Standards
Develop Your Ideal Apprentice Position
Develop a duty statement specific to an apprentice position and determine the appropriate apprentice wage scale
Recruit Your Apprentice
Begin recruiting apprentice using any tools at your disposal including our JobSpeaker recruitment platform
Coalinga Job Board Lemoore Job Board
Hire and Onboard the Apprentice
Once you’ve selected the apprentice(s), provide apprentice orientation, connect apprentice with Westside Works Coordinator to register and select courses, and prepare assigned journeyperson for mentoring the on-the-job training of apprentice(s)
Train Apprentice
Ensure proper mechanism is in place for tracking employee on-the-job training (OJT) hours and begin training. Submit training records to Westside Works Coordinator periodically. Present State Certificate and journeyperson card when apprentice completes all OJT hours and courses. Employers may also offer an apprentice graduation ceremony for co-workers and family to celebrate the achievement of a new journeyperson worker!

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