Westside Institute of Technology (WIT) Contract Training

The Westside Institute of Technology or simply “WIT” is a unique initiative founded in 2007 with a goal of increasing the knowledge and skill-sets required for entry-level employment opportunities or to advance current careers.

WIT primarily serves the west side of Fresno and Kings Counties and offers many not-for-credit technical courses including welding, truck driving, residential electrical, forklift certifications and many others.  We are here to assist community members to learn the skills that directly align with those needed by our regional employers and industries, thus creating a team approach to ensure alignment.

WIT’s foundational theory guides the delivery of trainings and states “each career technical training must be rigorous while providing contextualized academics in a rich vocational setting that offers relevance to both the students and current and future employers”. This guiding practice assures what we offer directly relates and aligns with the skills employers are looking for.

The WIT Contract Training department focuses on providing customized training for schools, municipalities, and regional employers. Working and learning is now the norm and technology advances have significantly reshaped the employment skills and qualifications. Employers consequently are requiring more of their workforce; whether you are targeting new employees or increasing the skills of your incumbent workforce, contract training may be the solution you are looking for. We are here to make a difference with focused trainings that fit your specific requirements. No extra time lost or extra cost with programs from advanced office skills to progressive hands-on skill-sets, critical thinkers, and even good workplace communication.

Contract Training offers limitless training opportunities. We believe education, skill building, and attainment of knowledge serves employees and company alike as it delivers life success tools leading to productive and profitable futures for all.

Are you an employer interested in partnering with WIT or a potential student interested in learning more? 


David Castillo
Director of Special Grants