Welding Technology

  • Students will demonstrate preheating metals, maintaining interpass temperature and post-weld heat treatment.
  • Students will demonstrate proper SMAW V-groove welds with backing in the Flat (lG), Horizontal
    (2G), Vertical (3G), and Overhead (4G) positions.
  • Students will demonstrate proper fillet welds in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.
  • Students will demonstrate safe SMAW practices.
  • Students will identify hazards and demonstrate safe welding and shop practices including proper PPE.
Welding Technology Course Requirements
IMT 60 - Industrial Core
WT 70 - Introduction to Certified Welding 2.5
WT 71 - Beginning SMAW 3
WT 72 - Advanced SMAW
WT 73 - Introduction to Metallurgy and Weld Symbols 1.5 
WT 74 - GMAW and FCAW: Plate
WT 75 - SMAW Pipe Welding 2.5 
WT 76 - Welding Certification Preparation .5 
Total Units Required for Certificate of Achievement 

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